We are PIÑATAS Group.

With a solid foundation built on over 40 years in the construction sector and a wealth of international success, the “PIÑATAS Group” stands at the forefront of real estate development. Our founders bring to the table a combination of academic knowledge in civil engineering, marketing and construction management, enriched by hands-on experience in international construction projects and business strategies.

At “PIÑATAS Group”, we recognize the unique advantages that Cyprus offers. This magical island nation is not just a strategic gateway between Europe and the Middle East but also a dynamic member of the European Union with strong economic ties to both regions.

Cyprus is easily accessible, thanks to its two international airports, and offers the stability of being part of the Eurozone.

The country’s legal and property systems are reliable, drawing on its British colonial heritage, making it an attractive destination for global investors.

Cyprus’s economy is on an upward trajectory, enticing people from around the world to settle down and call this island their home.

In tune with this reality, the PIÑATAS Group is committed to providing a wide range of residential options. Our portfolio caters to both the local market and the international scene, offering sales and long-term rental opportunities.